Comfortable rooms at the Nobu Hotel that will make you feel at home

It is also worth mentioning that the rooms at the Nobu Hotel are distinguished by a simple but cozy interior that will help you relax. Despite the use of raw finishing materials, the rooms are warmed by the addition of wooden elements, carpets and comfortable armchairs. Furthermore, the silence provided by soundproof windows makes it easier to focus and get rid of the excess of external stimuli despite the location of the Nobu Hotel in the very center of Warsaw. As a result, when you arrive at the hotel, you can easily rest or prepare for upcoming meetings with important business partners and clients.

After finishing your training session or returning to the Nobu Hotel from an important meeting, you can also relax with a refreshing shower. In addition to the carefully designed bathing space, each deluxe suite features high-quality Natura Bissé cosmetics, which is distinguished by the use of natural ingredients. We also provide our guests with a new bathrobe and a high-quality hair dryer, straightener and steamer for ironing and refreshing clothes. This type of equipment in the deluxe room allows you to comfortably prepare for meetings with clients or for participation in significant conferences. Furthermore, each of our guests can use the professional laundry service.

Modern suites at the Nobu Hotel that are distinguished by their comfort and functionality

The suites located in the Nobu Hotel Warsaw have been designed so that each guest can relax away from everyday duties. It is worth noting that the rooms at the Nobu Hotel have been designed to allow guests to relax comfortably in conditions reminiscent of resting in their own home. Therefore, the apartments have a homely, calm atmosphere, thanks to which you can forget about the fast pace of life. Despite the high-end rooms and their modern equipment, guests do not have to worry about the need to wear formal clothes or to stand out with the greatest possible culture.

The suites provide guests with more amenities than those usually found in ordinary hotel rooms. A unique piece of equipment is, among others, a yoga mat that allows you to start or end the day with care for your physical and spiritual condition. These types of exercises also turn out to be a very good way to relax after a day full of challenges and demanding meetings. In addition, we also provide 24-hour access to the hotel’s fitness center with high-quality equipment.

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